Volunteer for CreateAthon AZ 2020

Let’s combine creative forces to showcase local talent and commitment to social good!


Creative Volunteer Application

Interested in leading a team?

Team Lead Application

We need creative professionals and students with skills including

Print design


Interactive design

Web/UI design

UX design

Front-end web development

Back-end web development

App design

App development


Social media

Strategic planning








Audio/video production

Project management

And more

Ways to Volunteer

Team Leaders

Creative Directors and Project Managers will lead the creative teams and coordinate with the nonprofits. Someone from executive leadership, board, or management must be available for the event (December 5-6).These people are especially passionate and dedicated, and need to be involved for a few weeks ahead of the event and a week after, including the 24-hour event itself.

Apply Here

Creative Team

The minds and hands creating the actual deliverables for our community nonprofits during the 24-hour event. Each team will be comprised of 5–8 people, and may include professionals and students. After we have received all of the applications, team will be formed based on complimentary skills and work styles.

Apply here

Documentation Team

Photographers, videographers, writers, producers, editors, and PR specialists who can work before, during and/or after CreateAthon to record the event and tell our story in every way shape and form. Everything from social media, blog posts and short videos.

To join the documentation team email designforgood@arizona.aiga.org.

Event Team

Our support system is so important. You’ll help with logistics, check-in, food, keeping people awake and excited at 2:00am, and making sure everyone has plenty of sharpies. We can’t do this without you! This is a great spot for student volunteers, or people who are unable to commit to the full 24-hours.

To be an event volunteer email designforgood@arizona.aiga.org.

What’s Involved?

Get a peek at the type of work you might do and how the 24-hour process works.

Aside from the food, drinks, snacks, and lots of caffeine (of course), here are some other things you’ll get out of CreateAthon:

Stellar work for your portfolio and more!

All works created by you and your team are fair game for you to publish and display in your portfolios, websites, galleries, design periodicals and other media or exhibits for recognition of creative excellence and professional advancement. So show it off and shine.

A fun, wild ride and some new friends!

Working alongside those in the same sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled, fast-sailing boat as you makes CreateAthon exciting, fun, and adventurous. You never know who you will become friends with and what midnight-oil creations you all will come up with.

One of the largest community service impacts you’ve ever made in 24 hours!

You’ll be amazed at how great you will feel at the end of this high-powered event. You may have never known of the creative needs these nonprofits had, or of the impact and immense worth of this type of creative donation.

A team you would’ve never found elsewhere!

Nowadays, “doing pro bono work” isn’t just about giving back. More valuable than money, skills-based volunteering (like CreateAthons) are an avenue for businesses to recruit and retain good employees and build teams. As well as connect with other organizations and companies with similar ideals and gain respect in the community.


Is there a cost to participate?

No. Applying to CreateAthon is free. We appreciate you donating your time.

Will snacks be provided?

Yes, meals and snacks will be provided. We will try to do our best to have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Feel free to bring your own snacks as well.

Do we really stay up for 24-hours?

Yes! With the energy of having this many people passionately working together in one space, you wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. We do recommend you take breaks throughout the event to recharge: walk around, do some stretches, and talk to other teams about their work.

Do I get to choose my team?

Team leaders will select their teams based on the skills needed for their nonprofits projects, and team members work styles. If you have co-workers or friends participating we cannot guarantee you will be on the same team, part of the fun of CreateAthon is getting to work with new people.

Who is the nonprofit?

Nonprofits selected for CreateAthon will be announced soon. You will be notified of your team’s nonprofit before the event.

Will my work be publicized?

We will be putting the word out to local media to share the results of this event.

Can I put the work in my portfolio?

Of course. You did the work, show it off. Please remember to credit your teammates.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

You will need to bring your own computer (and charging cords). We will provide basic supplies like sticky notes, paper, and pens.

What Happens After I Apply?

AIGA Arizona will group participants into teams. Teams will be balanced as best as possible in regards to skill sets and work preferences. Each team, consisting of 5–8 people, will be partnered with one nonprofit to support.

Since teams are small they need all-hands-on-deck. The loss of even one teammate can really hurt a team’s success in delivering everything promised to their nonprofit partner. We understand that life is unpredictable and things change. If you need to request your name be removed from the participant list, please emailing us via the contact form.

After the Event

If any participants would like to give their contact info to their nonprofit partner for future paying or pro bono work (like revisions or upkeep of deliverables created during CreateAthon, or new work), they may do so, but by no means is this required.

Thank You to Our Sponsors