Why It Matters

Do you know a local nonprofit that could use a boost to get the word out and raise funds, but doesn’t have the resources to make it happen? The amazing work produced during CreateAthon events helps local nonprofit recipients thrive, and in turn the community thrives.

The CreateAthon process has been around for over 18 years and is broken down into a tried-and-true method. It has transformed into an international movement with huge social impacts. Learn more about the CreateAthon movement.

By combining our creative skills and passions to share the messages of these nonprofts, we can help make a powerful impact in the communities where we work and live.

CreateAthon’s National Impact

100+ organizations have participated

1,300+ nonprofits served

3,500+ projects delivered

$24+ million market value

Check out some of the outstanding work made at Past CreateAthon Events.

How It Works

1. Nonprofits apply

Several Arizona nonprofits will be selected to receive pro bono creative services.

2. Creative volunteers apply

Join a team of like-minded creatives and get excited about doing good.

3. Preliminary meetings and kick-off event

Before the event, team leads will connect with their nonprofit partner to discuss projects.
Teams and nonprofits meet in person at a kick-off event 2–3 weeks before the main event.

4. Saturday July 29: CreateAthonAZ begins!

Teams get started and will work for 24 consecutive hours to come up with solutions for their nonprofit.

5. Sunday July 30: Work is presented

The nonprofit representatives are wowed on Sunday morning.

Important Dates

May 22 – Applications Open (for Nonprofits and Creative Volunteers)

June 15 – Application Deadline (for Nonprofits and Creative Volunteers)

June 18 – Selected Nonprofits and Creative Team Leads are notified

June 30 –Selected Creative Volunteers are notified of their team

July 19 – Kickoff event – meet your team and nonprofit

July 29–30 – CreateAthon!

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